The benefits of massage are noted in all aspects of one's life, regardless of what level of health or disease someone is dealing with. Our Le Petit Salon & Spa clients experience a deep sense of relaxation and awareness all in the comfort and privacy of our relaxing Spa area. Gift certificates are available for that unique gift for that special person.
Hours: Tues & Wed 10AM- 6PM   Thur & Fri 10AM- 7PM   Sat 9AM- 5PM




Reflexology is a therapeudic treatment which uses specific finger and thumb movements to treat reflex points on the hands or feet, which relates to corresponding body organs. This treatment can help relax and balance the client and will also bring homeostosis to the body.


Therapeutic Massage   30/60/90 min. $60/$75/$120
Aromatherapy Massage 30/60/90 min. $59/$75/$115
Deep Tissue Massage    30/60/90 min. $65/$90/$120
Neck/Back/Shoulder Massage 30/60 min. $60/$90
Stone Massage
30/60/90 min.
Pregnancy Massage
30/60 min.
Massage Series- Therapeutic     30/60/90 min. $300/$350/$475
Massage Series- Aromatherapy                 30/60/90 min. $325/$375/$550
Massage Series-    Deep Tissue     30/60/90 min. $300/$375/$575
Shiatsu Massage $75
Foot Reflexology $95